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  • sin

    Did this game die out? I remember it changing URLs at one point but it seems to have vanished without a trace.

    • Sekkusuichi

      Yeah it did. Faded out like 2-3 years ago completely. Game had really sucked for a while anyway.


      • Spree

        WTG Blueghost, right Sekk?

  • trash

    pitty, i just wanted to join again for oldtime sake. I thought about it as a nice game. Just as merchant impires.

  • Amanda N Jason Coakley

    Holy crap! Sekkusuichi…..Spree…..havent seen your names in forever.

    I was Gfbasenut1

    I was player 59. An original.

    • SomeoneWatching

      I was your fan!! You kicked ass!

  • Brent Itmakesyoufly Prieur

    I wonder what it would take for that game to come back online. I wrote casper bang on google+ but he never responded. I loved that game. I loved getting the flag :)

  • Craggoo

    Seems like all the browser games of the distant past are gone. I checked out a few others I used to play and all of them are offline too. I’m sure anyone finding this page probably remembers me. I got banned a few times but mostly because the mods were so super biased. For the longest time, Casper had only one other mod and that guy was a biatch. He had no clue what he was doing in the slightest.