Seven Souls Online

Explore sophisticated crossover fantasy worlds and exploit the exciting and dynamic action of full 3D MMORPG 'Project S'.
Two moons have always gleamed over nights of Eath. But a heavenly catastrophe has shattered Blue Moon. Such devastation started a new era on Eath as it opened a path joining two continents that have been separated before times of recording. Explore two worlds and set order against mysterious force that shadows over Eath.


Rage Mode – With the push of a button, players can turn their characters into gruesome monsters for increased attack strength and critical attack chance.


Book of Lost Souls – This book is one of the game’s most distinctive features. It not only tells the background story, but also differentiates each class from others by providing distinctive skills and power-ups.

Enchant and Cube Systems – Players can enjoy easy-to-use Enchant and Cube Systems to enforce or dismantle their items and weapons. The randomness aspect allows players to acquire extremely rare items.

Anti-Bot – Seven Souls Online does not welcome hunting bots. The anti-bot system will penalize excessive hunters while rewarding loyal, quest-completing players.

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