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Lara's back... in time... to the beginning. See how Lara became the Tomb Raider in Shadow of the Tomb Raider, coming September 14th, 2018, for PS4, XBox 1, and PC/Steam, from Crystal Dynamics, Eidos, and SquareEnix.


Survive: To master the jungle, you must become one with the jungle. Explore one of the deadliest places on the earth and use the jungle to your advantage to help Lara overcome otherwise insurmountable odds.

Discover: More terrifying tombs and deadlier traps than ever before await you. Solve puzzles and delve into the largest hub space ever seen in a Tomb Raider title.

Save: Can you prevent the Mayan Apocalypse in Lara's vision? Can you become, the Tomb Raider?

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