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    Sonov Entertainment

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    Fantasy, Free To Play

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Shaiya is a fantasy Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG). Located on a distant planet, Shaiya puts players in the middle of an age-old blood feud between two warring factions: the Union of Fury and the Alliance of Light.

Shaiya has dozens of maps, hundreds of monsters, over 1,000 quests, and more than 1,000 different items, armor and weapons.

This classic-style MMORPG offers players:

PvE, PvP, RvR: The best of all game worlds in one game. Slay monsters, battle friends in duels, smite opposing players in PvP, and fight for control of the continent in Realm versus Realm combat. To the winner of RvR goes the blessing of their Goddess and all the bonuses that includes!

Intriguing Content: Run bootlegs to the opposing faction and sell wares to the enemy. Go on quests that range from delivering love letters to completing a hit on an enemy. Impact your entire realm with your acts of heroism on the battlefield.

Classic RPG Elements: shining armor, dragons, elves, orcs, swords, magic, dramatic music, beautiful realms, quests, faithful steeds, and never-ending of battle of Light versus Darkness.

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    Episode 7 arrives in Aeria's world of Shaiya along with a nasty invasion of the mechanical unfeeling variety. Brace for impact!

  • Shaiya Episode 6 Trinity Artifact Trailer

    Shaiya opens up two new islands to explore along with an increase in the level cap to 80.

  • Shaiya ES: customising your character

    Take a detailed look into the character creation possible for Shaiya, everything available fully in Spanish.

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