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    Citadel Studios

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Shards Online is a sandbox MMORPG in development by Citadel Studios, with a universe that constantly expands with deep lore and dynamic environments. Players can fully customize their experience, with expansive modding capabilities that grant you the ability to run your own MMO and set your own rules.

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Game Videos

  • Shards Online Alpha Feature Highlights

    Shards Online devs take you on a walkthrough of the state of the game and current gameplay.

  • Shards Online: Greenlight Trailer

    The makers of Ultimate Online bring the alpha for Shards Online! Pledging to the game grants alpha access! So check it out!

  • Shards Online Halloween Event Demo

    Shards Online showcases a custom dev made scenario celebrating Halloween!  

Game Articles

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    Shards Online is an interesting beast. I've spent a little time, creating characters over and over again. Partially because I'd forget what server I wa...

  • Shards Online Alpha Preview Tour

    By Jaime Skelton (MissyS), Senior Editor When Shards Online appeared to the public in 2014, it was surrounded with an air of mystery and excitement. Vet...

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  • Zaragan

    Sounds ambitious. It’s worth getting excited for but I am very skeptical that this can actually be created today unless I have been living under a rock for a couple decades.