Shenmue III

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Shenmue III is a single-player action adventure game and final installment in the epic tale of teen martial artist Ryo Hazuiki. Pursue leads, beat up baddies, and find the person responsible for murdering your father.

Business Model: Retail

Key Features:

Making Friends: Meet a variety of interesting people along your quest.

Ni Hao: Explore the mountainside village of Guilin, China.

Grab Some Popcorn: Advance the narrative one compelling cinematic at a time.

Square Up: Sometimes a little elbow grease is necessary to get information, fight your way through particular situations as needed.

Moment of Respite: Step away from intense conversations and bare knuckle brawling with a few choice side activities.

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  • Shenmue III: The Prophecy Trailer (Gamescom 2018)

    Shenmue III finally comes to life in 2019. August 27th, 2019. Only a few games become legendary. The Shenmue franchise is definitely one of those.

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