Sherwood Dungeon Gets New Allies and Pet Features


Maid Marian Entertainment Inc. and Gene Endrody, sole creator of the indie hit MMORPG, Sherwood Dungeon, today announced that, just in time for the holidays, two new allies are available - the Shadowfey Knight and Priestess.

Sherwood Dungeon Interview: Six Years And Still Going


Sherwood Dungeon is one of those rare MMOs which survived in a very competitive market. Operating for six years is no mean feat for any game and Sherwood Dungeon has proven that it can be done.

Sherwood Dungeon Celebrates Six Years of MMO Freedom


Maid Marian Entertainment Inc., is proud to announce the sixth anniversary of its free browser-based MMO game Sherwood Dungeon- without an ad campaign, a fancy press event or a celebrity endorsement. Instead of celebrating its anniversary, the company's creator has launched the new Sherwood Dungeon: Prophecy of Bane quest series to players.

Sherwood Review: Browser Evolution


Sherwood is a free to play browser-based game hosted by While being hosted for several years, it has grown, evolved, and come to be recognized as a stand-alone MMO. For the "browser junkie," this game is one you can't miss; it will deliver many hours of good game play.