Shin Megami Tensei Imagine Screenshots

No screenshots have been uploaded for this game, yet.

  • rantan

    I been playing this game since aeria games had onwership of it and have been playing it through atlus and marvelous USA. I still have the game on my pc but keep getting the massage that as of 2/28/2014 marvelous USA has closed it’s department. does that mean the U.S server does not exist anymore anywhere or Did the U.S game move again?

    • Zen

      I too have been playing since Aeria held ownership. I can’t find any information either. I hope it didn’t close for good..

    • Sugarlips

      The game is gone for good, that was the last active server. Game was good but became incredibly Pay-To-Win and several loyal players like me became discouraged as you bought equipment that would become totally obsolete 2 weeks later after a patch. Several issues where not addressed since the initial launch in USA trough Aeria. Still, if the game received an overhaul and wasn’t pay-to-win, while retaining the great feel and gameplay mechanics, skill system, helper demon system etc I would happily play it again.

      • Exebula

        Can still play in japan, as long as you know the interface it’s fine… until you get to places like ikebukuro which were never localized…

        • Master Hell

          Is it still all in JP or is it some english? I… Sorta know the interface, just not some.

  • Yeah
  • Evanescence

    I wanted to play this f**** game, all the effort I put into it and this happens? WTF!!!

  • King

    my pasword is deleted for some f**** reason give me my f**** pasword

  • DKJ

    i’m not sure but most persons have faith that another english server will be provided, i’m not sure how long though but yh i have faith to

  • tetsuya

    why…… why it has been shut down……….

  • The_Last_Fallout

    Bring it back!

  • TwinMaster Dyshaun

    miss that game

  • leongenesis

    Someone should really make a private server for this game. It was so awesome! Really disappointed they tried to make it all about money and killed it.

  • Juan Manuel Lopez Delgado

    I remember playing this in aeriagames (acctually, downloading it from there, but it’s the same), but now I can’t, where can I play it?