Megaten features video

Introduction on features of the free to play MMORPG, Shin Megami Tensei: Imagine Online. Watch the video now to discover everything about character creation, combat and all the other features!

Megaten trailer

The first trailer for the new free MMORPG Megaten, which will be released nexy January!
  • rantan

    I been playing this game since aeria games had onwership of it and have been playing it through atlus and marvelous USA. I still have the game on my pc but keep getting the massage that as of 2/28/2014 marvelous USA has closed it’s department. does that mean the U.S server does not exist anymore anywhere or Did the U.S game move again?

    • Zen

      I too have been playing since Aeria held ownership. I can’t find any information either. I hope it didn’t close for good..

    • Sugarlips

      The game is gone for good, that was the last active server. Game was good but became incredibly Pay-To-Win and several loyal players like me became discouraged as you bought equipment that would become totally obsolete 2 weeks later after a patch. Several issues where not addressed since the initial launch in USA trough Aeria. Still, if the game received an overhaul and wasn’t pay-to-win, while retaining the great feel and gameplay mechanics, skill system, helper demon system etc I would happily play it again.

      • Exebula

        Can still play in japan, as long as you know the interface it’s fine… until you get to places like ikebukuro which were never localized…

        • Master Hell

          Is it still all in JP or is it some english? I… Sorta know the interface, just not some.

  • Yeah
  • Evanescence

    I wanted to play this f**** game, all the effort I put into it and this happens? WTF!!!

  • King

    my pasword is deleted for some f**** reason give me my f**** pasword

  • DKJ

    i’m not sure but most persons have faith that another english server will be provided, i’m not sure how long though but yh i have faith to

  • tetsuya

    why…… why it has been shut down……….

  • The_Last_Fallout

    Bring it back!

  • TwinMaster Dyshaun

    miss that game

  • leongenesis

    Someone should really make a private server for this game. It was so awesome! Really disappointed they tried to make it all about money and killed it.

  • Juan Manuel Lopez Delgado

    I remember playing this in aeriagames (acctually, downloading it from there, but it’s the same), but now I can’t, where can I play it?