Sho Online Reveals Chaos Trilogy Expansion


BAG Entertainment, the new owner of the oriental martial art fantasy MMORPG Sho Online, has announced that the first episode of the Chaos Trilogy titled Sign will be released as an update on April 21, 2011 in the Korean version of Sho and sometime in the mid May in the global Sho Online. The Chaos Trilogy will consist of Sign, Chaos, and Darkness stages with Sign marking the beginning of the trilogy.

Sho Online Announces Major Update


Sho Online will be undergoing major changes in September 15, 2010. Players will now be able to level up to level 150. All ratings related to defense, offense, levels, skills, item prices and masteries will be changed and rebalanced accordingly.

Sho Online Interview: The Battle Of Yin And Zhou!


Sho Online, a MMORPG by Lizard Interactive, is a purely Chinese-oriented game. Everything, from its storyline to combat and PvP, is based on the Chinese tale 'Fengshen Yangyi'.

Sho Online Review: Improves After First Impressions


It is based on the theme of war between the two nations (Yin and Zhou). 'Sho Online" brings fast game play as well as realistic war environments to each and every player of the game. Monsters with artificial intelligence, endless war between the two nations to expand their territories are the main points of this game.

Sho Online: Global TV network Arirang feature

ARTICLE Lizard Interactive announced today that the globally popular MMORPG "Sho Online" (original title "The Way of Heaven") will be featured on the global TV network Arirang in four exclusive episodes.
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