Sho OnlineÂ’s Commercial Service is near!


New version includes Item Shop and various events to be held along with its opening.

Seoul, Korea – Lizard Interactive proudly announces commercial launching of Sho Online which will start on June, 17th 2008. Lizard’s second title introduced worldwide after ‘Cronous’ has formed great number of fans from all around the world through out its successful Open Beta Test. The commercial version of Sho Online includes cool new updates offering massive new contents together with grand opening events for players to enjoy. Theme of secret surroundings in ancient China has already fascinated many users.

Sho Online CBT, Just the tip of the ICEBURG?


Lizard Interactive ended a successful closed beta testing of ‘Sho Online’ on March 25, 2008. Sho Online is a free MMORPG game based on the war between the Yin and the Zhou in 11th century BC and the struggle between good and evil.

  • herauthon

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