Shot Online Goes Pro, Gets Pros


GamesCampus today revealed that soon a new group of some of the most elite PGA and LPGA characters will be playable in their online golf simulation, Shot Online.

Hole in One! Shot Online Unveils Big Update


GamesCampus announced today that its highly popular golf simulation, Shot-Online, has launched a set of new avatars, created a compelling new ranking system, and now offers new highly-polished in-game graphics.

Shot-Online Launched Major Content Update


GamesCampus, announced today that Shot-Online, has launched a major content update with a new Swift Stroke Mode, a Guild Level Cap Increase, New Halloween themed events and prizes and more.

Shot Online Review: Point and Click Click Click


Shot online looks a lot more serious -in terms of graphics-  than to Pangya, which was supposed to be some type of 'kiddie' golf game that consists of cutesy characters. The game is rather technical and is a lot more challenging compared to my previous golf game.