SmashMuck Champions

Smashmuck Champions is an online arena-style game, with fast-paced action and deep strategy elements. Players develop and manage their arena teams with various monsters, robots, and other creatures. The game features four distinct game modes, and each match will have up to 10 other players competing for a win. Expect a plethora of skills, weapons, and attacks to aid your team towards victory.


Browser-Based: Using the Unity3D engine, Smashmuck Champions is free to play in your browser.

Different modes: Combat up to 10 players in four different game types, each with their own unique objectives. Utilize various weapons and attacks in a fast-paced combat system.

Unique characters: Robots, monsters, and more await your control. Assemble the perfect team to dominate your competition. Customize your team with different weapons, skins, and training programs.

Easy to learn: Smashmuch Champions promises to be friendly to newcomers. It is also poised to offer a challenge to veterans of arena combat games with its depth and strategies.

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