Get Lucky on Independence Day in Secret of the Solstice

ARTICLE Secret of the Solstice is offering players a chance to get lucky this Independence Day. All six variants of the fan-favorite Lucky Ball are returning to the Secret of the Solstice Store on July 3rd, allowing players to risk their SparkCash for a chance at valuable loot, including consumable potions

Secret of the Solstice Review: Very Compelling Story World


I stood there, gazing in wonder at my first spoil from battle. I smiled, as I had just avoided death, in all its hatred. A sense of purpose filled my aching bones, a sense of something, and a sense of everything. As I stood there, absorbing my newly gained

Secret of the Solstice Interview


Secret of the Solstice is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game set in the land of Xen. Players enter the game world following a dramatic series of events during which the powerful Solstice Sphere—a mysterious relic given to the king by the gods—was stolen during a tumultuous series of events.

Open Beta Starts

ARTICLE Greetings from the land of Xen!


Outspark, a leading publisher and operator of free online community games available through an engaging virtual playground, is pleased to announce the open beta release of its newest game Secret of the Solstice. Set in the fantasy world of Xen, Secret of the