MMO Holiday Event Guide 2013

FEATURE The holiday season is starting earlier and earlier every year and the announcements for the events are already pouring in. We’ll be updating this list every Thursday leading up to Christmas so keep ...

Spiral Knights – Updated Look

REVIEW By Michael Sagoe (mikedot), OnRPG Journalist     It’s time to head back into the subterranean world of ClockWorks for an updated look at Spiral Knights, a 3D Action MORPG created by Three ...

Sega Announces Spiral Knights PvP Mode


SEGA has announced that a brand-new Player vs. Player mode has been added to Spiral Knights, the retro-inspired multiplayer action-RPG created by renowned developer Three Rings.

Spiral Knights: Nostalgia Made New


The Clockworks are in full rotation as Three Ring Design (with some help from Sega) released a brand new multiplayer adventure called Spiral Knights. Through the power of JAVA based programming, Spiral Knights mixes classic dungeon crawling with tons of MMO goodness, all working within your internet browser!

Spiral Knights Preview – Old School Meets New School


Three Rings Design, the developers behind the popular Puzzle Pirates game, is joining forces with SEGA to bring out a brand new online adventure that mixes old school dungeon crawling with today's MMO style gaming. Their newest title is called Spiral Knights and it looks to be a wicked mix between such classics as The Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles and with just a splish-splash of Bomberman.