Spirit Tales; Mystical New Lands & Increased Level Caps

ARTICLE This week Koramgame will be releasing a new update for the ever popular Spirit Tales known for its fun game play and seemingly limitless character customization possibilities. The update includes an i...

Spirit Tales Introduces Clan Island Updates


Spirit Tales has released its latest "Clan Island" update, just in time for summer. The Clan Island is a special location where each clan can hang out, take videos of them without being disturbed, stash various items, go fishing, and even relax in a hot spring.

  • yap qing

    how to download???


  • A-Richy Sebuahnama SebuahCerit

    saya sudah download filenya , tapi saya tidak tahu gimana cara register nya .. apakah anda bisa bantu saya

  • A-Richy Sebuahnama SebuahCerit

    I’ve downloaded the file, but I do not know how do I register it .. if you can help me

    • nghia

      yeah me tooo helpppppppp

  • Ryan Bautista

    i’ve missing this game so long..it’s a cute game..i want it back so that i can play this cute game..huhu 🙁

  • Ala Heza

    Me too! I haven’t seen it before!