Starquest Online

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    Castle Thorn Software

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    P2P Games

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In StarQuest Online, players can assume the persona of a character living, exploring, fighting, and possibly dying in the 23rd Century. As a intrepid Starfleet officer, swashbuckling pirate, devious smuggler, deadly bounty hunter, wealthy merchant, or ordinary civilian, players shape this world and its history into whatever they wish.

- Scientifically accurate starmap containing over 17,000 unique star systems containing over 100,000 unique planets
- Play as a person, not a starship
- Open player vs. player combat, with safe zones patrolled by police or security forces
- Open starship vs. starship combat, with safe zones patrolled by military warships
- Serve on military starships in a number of crew positions
- Advance in rank to command your own starship
- Player owned starships
- Player owned housing
- Player owned colonies
- Unlimited amount of gameplay options, you have the galaxy in your hands.

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