Steep Season 12 – Active Descent System Trailer

Season 12 has arrived for STEEP, and from now until December 3rd, they are testing the new Active Descent System. This is the best in covert operations, so do you have what it takes to be discreet?

Steep: Season 10 Trailer – Breakpoint

STEEP‘s Season 10 is known as Breakpoint and will be extreme and offer risk-oriented gameplay. Are you ready to defy gravity in the wingsuit? Participation will  unlock all of the parts of the ...

Steep: Season 9 Trailer

The next season has been announced for STEEP, which is Season 9: Odyssey of the Eagle Bearer. There are plenty of exclusives and special outfits in this limited event.

Steep: E3 2019 – Get the Japan Map for Free

Ubisoft is giving away the Japan map for a limited time only in STEEP! This is going on until June 16th and was announced during their conference at E3 2019. You can redeem it for free on the ticket p...

Steep: Uplay Giveaway Trailer

Do you want STEEP, but don’t have it? Well if you have Uplay, you can receive the game for free, if you download between May 16th – 21st on Uplay! This link takes you to it.
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