Nexon Shutting Down Sudden Attack In January

ARTICLE   Nexon America announced earlier this month that it will be terminating its services for Sudden Attack on January 29, 2014. The game’s cash shop has already closed as of December 5. A comm...

Sudden Attack Receives Massive Portal Update


GameHi, Inc., the blockbuster online games maker from Korea, today announced they've released multiple updates to their No. 1 free-to-play first person shooter (FPS), Sudden Attack. First,  in the new map, Gather up to Golden Eye, a new option allows players on opposing teams to retrieve various items not previously available.

Sudden Attack Interview: A Straightforward and True FPS


With the year winding down, it would seem that there's no stopping company's from dishing out game after game. One such example is Sudden Attack which has just gone commercial last September. We have been given the opportunity to knock on their door and ask how's the game faring with about three months of operations under its belt.

  • Xman128

    dude what rating is it cause mah little brother wants to play???

  • Fitri Zulqifflie

    At what age can i play this game ? And also the age if i want to sign up at

  • shawn mark

    can u still play this game?

  • tomek

    Its available for UK? i mean Europe?