Sudden Attack Review: Takes Over From Counterstrike


Sudden Attack pretty much picks up where Counterstrike left off. The game has earned a wide audience in Korea, and just like any game that hits a certain level of popularity, the MMOFPS (Massively Multiplayer Online First Person Shooter) was taken to other countries to hook more fans.

Sudden Attack First Open Beta


Beginning July 28 Fans Can Wreak Havoc with the Game’s Most Powerful Weapon Yet in the New Map, StormVille


  • Xman128

    dude what rating is it cause mah little brother wants to play???

  • Fitri Zulqifflie

    At what age can i play this game ? And also the age if i want to sign up at

  • shawn mark

    can u still play this game?

  • tomek

    Its available for UK? i mean Europe?