Webzen launches SUN Episode 2


Webzen has launched the largest update yet to their flag ship game, Soul of the Ultimate Nation. SUN: Episode 2 is being tested on live servers in South Korea and the initial reaction is positive.

SUN Global Updates PVP System


Soul of the Ultimate Nation (S.U.N) published by WEBZEN announced update plans including some long-awaited PvP content. Tony Kim, Head of Global Publishing at WEBZEN Inc. said "S.U.N was somewhat weak on the PvP contents since the previous contents were focused on the story-driven game play, but we will focus more on the PvP from now on in order to bring diversity to S.U.N."

SUN Online Interview: Content Updates and New Class


SUN Online has been out for several months now, we think it's a great game as you could read in our review. However, We still had a few questions about SUN, when are we getting the new " shadow "  class? What makes SUN so different  from other MMORPG's? What content can we expect to see in SUN this year? Read on to find out how these questions are answered!

  • Laneey