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  • Developer:
    Vostok Games

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    Shooter, Free To Play

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Survarium is a free-to-play 3D shooter MMORPG developed by Vostok Games for PC and is available on Steam Early Access. In Survarium players can enter a post-apocalyptic Europe that has endured an ecological catastrophe. Those who managed to survive now work together in different groups as Scavengers, desperately trying to continue surviving in a world where the only thing that matters is skill. Pity won't help you in the ruined wasteland that is now the world. You'll need to fight for your own survival and find trustworthy adversaries to fight alongside you. Gear up and get ready to fight for your survival in Survarium!


Weapons Printing: Use advanced 3D-printing technology to create a wide variety of weapons that will fit your needs, and most importantly eliminate any aliens you come across.

Variety of Modes: Play in team mode, helping your team survive; co-op, through a series of missions revealing the game's backstory; or free play, surviving against the odds alone.

Anomalies & Artifacts: Venture into the dangerous anomalies to uncover artifacts, powerful boosts for any survivor.

Character Development: Equip your soldier with new gear, and uncover more gear as you gain the attention of stronger factions; spend your experience in five skills to boost your combat prowess.

Factions and Clans: Join player-run clans, which in turn seek out favor of one of the strong factions in the game, pushing the game's story map and offering unique items, daily bonuses, and more.

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