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Sword Coast Legends is a 3D RPG developed by n-Space in which players are able to customize their own hero from five different races and six different classes who will aid them on their journey through the Forgotten Realms of the Dungeons and Dragons world. Both solo play and multiplayer play are supported in Sword Coast Legends so players can take on a full-fledged adventure in campaign mode or play online with their friends and tackle personally-crafted adventures. The campaign mode was designed by professionals in the RPG industry, most notably some of those who helped produce Dragon Age: Origins. Campaign mode also contains voice acting for important characters and scenes with textual responses for comments of lesser importance.


DM Mode: In DM Mode, players are able to hand-craft their own dungeons and share them with friends so that they may be enjoyed by all. DM Mode also allows players to alter a dungeon in real-time while their friends are playing, making the experience that much more dynamic.

In-Game Pausing: Sword Coast Legends has the capability of pausing a game in the middle of play whether players have come upon a difficult encounter which will require some planning or if they merely need to briefly leave their computer.

Customizable Party: In campaign mode the player is able to fully customize all four of their party members to their liking with weapons, armor, and jewelry.

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