Swordsman Screenshots

  • Anderson

    Can anyone help me to create account swordman online?

    • Wei Wang

      i can help you if you want

      • Lon Li

        may i get help pls.. to make an account D:

      • Lon Li

        may i get help pls.. to make an account D:

      • omkar

        can u help me too plz to make a account

  • Cheryl

    Can anyone help me to create an account of swordsman online?

    • Wei Wang

      i can help you

      • Gambit

        Wei Wang, Can you help me as well?

      • Jose Jor-el Sia


  • xiao

    I wanna play

    • Wei Wang

      i can help you to registre an account in the chinese server

  • WillS

    Can anyone help me get into this game?

  • asd

    how to reduce lag anyone knows

  • Jonh Titor
  • gamemadness

    is there English Version? or do English Font ?

  • Jose Jor-el Sia

    I cant download this game -_- Anyone help? Is this a English version? I mean like d Letters and numbers

  • KaKa Lop Lop

    I want to play Swordsman who can tell me how to play

  • ken

    another p2w game, sad

  • Wei Wang can you introduece me how make account on this game

  • This game’s release date is June 16th 2014 u dumbasses … the game was released in north korea at half a year ago . So, or u wait to play it when i comes out or u can shut up so you wont bother the people who actually care about it . PEACE BICH

    • Aidan503

      or they go to north korea 😀

  • Anti-noobs

    By “free-to-play”, in PWE world means “pay-to-win”. All PWE games either u pay a lot to be good player or just get frustrated getting your ass kicked over and over by the ones that spend tons of money on the games. Besides, after the major War of Immortals’ screw up (hacked several times) PWE gained bad fame, all they care is sack money. They should learn with League of Legends, wich is a trully free-to-play game and always weekly maintained. PWE sacks money and doesnt’ care about maintenance.

  • Azhar

    @SEA can play using chinese server only?

  • Raffyboy Unacan Padido

    please!!!!help me how to download this game????

  • bee

    how to create a account??