Tactical Monsters

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    Camex Games

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    2D Fantasy, Free To Play, Strategy

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Tactical Monsters is a free-to-play hexagonal turn-based tactics game featuring exciting skilled gameplay in a world inhabited by incredible and unique creatures. Recruit from a grand roster of characters for your personal army and fight for great rewards across multiple game modes. Available for Windows, Mac, and Android.


Triple Threat: Fight for 3-star perfection in the single-player adventure, survive against an endless horde in Guerrilla Warfare, or compete for the top spots on the multiplayer leaderboard.

Feeding the Beast: Upgrade your monsters for additional power and abilities.

Exclusivity: Fight, chat, and share cards with your friends and clan mates.

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    Out-play and out-maneuver other players for the number 1 spot on the world leaderboard!

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