Tales of Fantasy Review: Awaken The Warrior Within


Since MMOs nowadays offer nothing but repetitive content and generic gameplay, you'll probably need to try out a lot of different titles to find the MMO experience you've been waiting for. If so, then should Tales of Fantasy be in your to-try-list? After seeing the trailer, I could not help but feel hyped over the idea of mounted combat. Since mounts have been nothing more than a fast travelling aid in various MMOs, it was quite refreshing to see players fight while on the backs of their fast moving horses. Tales of Fantasy is a free to play MMORPG that features a broad 3D world where players can travel while immersing themselves further in the game's questing storyline. It also features open PVP, as well as a handful of other things that may appeal to most gamers today. The question is, does Tales of Fantasy have enough features to outlast today's MMOs? Let's see, shall we?

Tales of Fantasy: The Soul, Spirit and Strength of Armor


There is only so much that you can achieve with the one set of equipment that you equip and there are also times when it is really difficult to choose which of two equally awesome pieces of equipment to use as they both offer excellent qualities. But we have addressed these issues with the unique Fusion system. With it you can virtually fuse a variety of equipment into your soul, stacking permanent attributes onto your character!

Tales of Fantasy Reports: Thousands Killed in Hot Springs


Since the alpha test began for IGG's newest 3D MMORPG, Tales of Fantasy users have been having a great time enjoying the unique gameplay and exploring the games wonderful features. However, a quest called Daily Hot Spring is proving to be quite a nightmare for inexperienced new comers. So today, the official team will unveil some secret hints and tips to help you get by.


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