Tale of Pirates II: Get Some New Dream City Gear


Tales of Pirates II is making waves with the Dream City expansion. Player pirates have been sinking their hooks into all the swashbuckling new content, including PvP-enabled isles and thrilling quests. Helping out the wacky and hilarious islanders by completing their quests is a great way to score awesome new gear, such as bracelets, handguards and belts. Those brave buccaneers sporting these pieces have noticed many envious glances from their fellow peg-legs. If you've been hoping for an X to mark the spot where you can find the new gear, we've got a simple and concise guide to the quests that yield these fantastic rewards. Check it out and then hurry over to Dream City to grab some for yourself!

Tales of Pirates II: Migration Project Kicks off


Participants in the closed beta of 3D MMORPG Tales of Pirates II are enjoying a splashing good time. This phase of testing has gone so well that the ToP team has decided to expand access to the new game by migrating all ToP player data to new ToP II servers. Veteran pirates will now get the chance to experience a treasure trove of exhilarating adventures available in this new, uncharted world.

Tales of Pirates II: Closed Beta Weighs Anchor May 6th


Tales of Pirates II, IGG's latest 3D MMORPG, earned rave reviews during its brief Alpha Test in April. Using players' feedback, the ToP II team has refined the game even further and squashed more bugs. Now they're ready for the next phase, and have announced that Closed Beta will begin at 10:00 PM EDT (GMT-4) on May 6th.