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Tales of Solaris is 2.5D action MMO set in a high fantasy world. Choose from one of six different classes and challenge a variety of environments and monsters as you develop your character to become more and more powerful. Various additional systems are also available, such as instances, daily events, a lovers system, and more. Since the game is browser based, it can be played whenever and wherever.


Six Character Classes: Choose to be a warrior, wizard, cleric, assassin, sniper, or mage, and travel the lands to conquer all foes.

Pet System: Choose your pet to be for display purposes, or have it fight along side! Build its stats and skills, just like your own, and you can be a force to be reckoned with.

Instances and More: Delve into five different dungeons throughout the game. Additional bosses and more also await each player in the world.

Additional Systems and Activities: Create your own items, become friends and lovers with other players, participate in quizzes and daily events, and enjoy the world!

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