Tales Runner Races Its Way On To Steam

ARTICLE After Tales Runner’s successful launch back in April 2014, OGPlanet, a leading publisher of Free-to-Play, multiplayer online games, proudly announced the game’s expansion onto the Steam pl...

Tales Runner Not Just Back, but About to Get Better!

ARTICLE OGPlanet is releasing Tales Runner first major update less than a month after launch. The update will unleash loads of new content to its players. This update comes with great excitement and joy for a...

Tales Runner: Official Release Now Available

ARTICLE After two extremely successful beta tests, OGPlanet is pleased to announce that Tales Runner has officially been fully released. The long awaited return of Tales Runner to North America is finally ove...

Tales Runner’s First Beta Test Starts Today

ARTICLE The long awaited return of Tales Runner to North America is finally here. OGPlanet launches the game’s first beta test today. OGPlanet is kicking off Tales Runner’s first beta test with so...
  • mama aho

    I wonder when tales runner is coming out.

  • herruxx

    the winnerhub link doesn’t show up 🙁 It Ended up as an error for me.

  • LOLwut

    Winner Hub Is The New Talesrunner. It’s The Same only we get the characters & Stuff Each month.

  • Dark Emperor

    Winner Hub is the real one?

  • Ahmed

    The full client usually takes alot of time? or could i just use the manual patch?

  • Ahmed

    manual patch is done it sas error u need python24..

  • louiejapitan

    the X-trap wont update -.- please help

  • magoblanco

    new talesrunner en talesrunner.es

    • magoblanco

      new official talesrunner in talesrunner.es

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    omar mahmod123456789

  • omar mahmod123456789

    omar mahmod123456789