Tank Ace Announces Open Beta


GamesCampus announced today that it will launch the open beta for its WWII tank warfare third person shooter, Tank Ace, on September 1 at 11 AM PDT.

Tank Ace Enters Second Beta Test


GamesCampus today launched the second closed beta for its WWII warfare game, Tank Ace. To kick off the second phase of testing, Tank Ace is hosting a variety of events featuring in-game prizes.

Tank Ace: “Moar” Tanks for Your Tanking Needs!


Tank Ace announced today four all-new historically accurate WWII tanks for its upcoming free-to-play online tank warfare game. Set on the realistic battlefields of WWII, Tank Ace takes players through action-packed battles allowing them to choose from multiple historically accurate WWII tanks.  Players can customize the tanks by adding additional armor, different styles of camouflage, body art, kill marks, and clan insignias

  • Kibu

    Game doesn’t exist anymore. World of Tanks destoyed it. Never got out of Beta.

  • e.t


  • jayjay

    your so right

  • bez2


  • jake

    love world of tanks sry but this game looks like a lost cause