TERA Go Berserk Update Launches Today

NEWS En Masse Entertainment, a player-driven publisher focused on delivering great games and exceptional service, is excited to announce the launch of the Go Berserk update for TERA, the most-played MMORPG...

TERA Rising: Go Berserk Update Arrives July 7th

NEWS En Masse Entertainment has recently announced that a new update for their action-based MMORPG TERA: Rising will be recieving a new update called “Go Berserk”. As users may have guessed, th...

TERA Preparing Inactive Character Name Purge

NEWS En Masse has sent out an email alerting players that an inactive character name purge will be coming soon for TERA.   The email states that due to the rush of new players on Steam, any characters...

TERA Celebrates Being Top MMORPG on Steam

NEWS En Masse Entertainment is excited to announce that its award-winning PC action MMORPG, TERA, is the most-played MMORPG on Steam.* This exciting milestone follows last year’s launch of the TERA: Fate...
  • TeraFac

    Hi guys, well just a brief comment on this game called TERA NA/EU. We’ve spent like a year playing this game we loved the environment but got bored of how each classes fight mobs and pvp with each player but its really quite good for an F2P game and we really got hooked up in buying items in the online store but recently it just keeps getting annoying since the only new stuffs around the store are just costumes that doesnt even provide any additional STAT. Well recently another horrible event just happened after we’ve waited for the new patch in this game “The Support Team/Admins” just randomly banned people from playing it even some of us who stays in Europe and US so most of my guildies got banned without any further explainations on How and Why it happened even the noob guys from our guild who was just starting to play it got banned lol. So if you guys VALUE your TIME and MONEY “PLS AVOID ANY GAMES FROM THIS COMPANY”


  • Andrey Korsunsky

    the best F2P mmo! Despite the fact that I play for 10-12 hours a day, the game does not get bored and I get a lot of fun playing it. another very important aspect of the game is not P2P. All products that you can buy in the game store only to change the look of the character. Oh, and for the boost-XP only. The only negative in my opinion, it is a huge amount of disk space and terribly high system load.
    But I love Tera. It’s really very beautiful game