The Aurora World

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    Aurora Interactive

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    Free To Play

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The Aurora World is a 3D fantasy MMORPG from Aurora Interactive and GBE Games. Featuring eight professions, PvE quests, crafting, events, and a unique hybrid pet/mount system based on creatures called Majinns, the game also allows players to engage in PvP combat with coliseums, clan wars, Nation Wars with up to 300 players, and more

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Game Videos

  • The Aurora World Guardians Update Teaser

    The Guardians is The Aurora World's largest update-to-date that not only features the newly added Guardian system but also continues the storyline, allowin...

  • The Aurora World Invisible Dungeon Trailer

    A famous beauty cursed by the gods rises for revenge in The Aurora World's new end-game dungeon offering level 60 gear!...

  • The Aurora World CBT Announcement Trailer

    The Aurora World will be entering into English CBT testing on March 7th....

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