Interview: How Expansive is Lacuna Expanse?


The Lacuna Expanse is a massively multiplayer online space strategy game. Think SimCity meets Masters of Orion. You can choose to be an isolationist who's sole concern is designing and building a sprawling city on a single planet, or you can be bent on utter domination and build a huge empire across the expanse. You can become a master trader or a master ship builder. You can engage in espionage, or become an explorer. The choice is up to you in The Lacuna Expanse.

  • isaacssv558

    Very fun game, give it a try.

  • Vet MMO Gamer

    Avoid this game, The admin team/owners questionably incentivize positive game reviews via a number of mechanics including a system which provides in-game currency for votes to external MMO review websites.

    As for gameplay – the community is monopolized by a group of vulgar, trollish players within an alliance named ‘Anarchy’. Progress is slow and stripping away fake, dead and sitted accounts this game has a very small, dwindling community.

  • Nate

    terrible game

  • EotW70

    I’d rather stick with Masters of Orion