The Lost Titans Screenshots

  • stunninglight

    OBT coming!!!! Yeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssssss!!! Looking forward to it!

  • zoimi

    I wanna gift packs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Alinono

    I talked to the GM and interacted with them on fb. I got feedback pretty fast and problems all got solved. I have to say I’ll give good review for their team, no matter for the in-game GM or customer service people. In terms of the in-game economy, they said they are working on that and i think we’ll see the difference in the obt.

  • downside

    They are giving out gift packs now!! according to their fb announcement!

  • anoo

    Love TLT!!! MORE POWER!!

  • 1339driven

    Oh yaa 5 star game!! You have my word!

  • appsour

    Cool game

  • odonwaterfall

    Tried it a few months ago and loved it. gonna try out the new server for obt

  • tipi

    I want to try this out! New pet and new mount sounds appealing!

  • anolee

    Is there any media gift packs that we can pick up? Anyone???

  • qoik

    beta key!!!!????????

  • dmocdstory

    So into this game!

  • giantking

    OMG they are counting down for the obt now! Gift packs giveaway campaigns going on now!!!!

  • Intrus18

    This is POS

  • ed

    The devs figure, that leveling should be a 6 month long journey. I can tell you one thing this game is fun till you realize thousands of hours are needed to lv. The pay to win options make u sick, and the exp grind rate makes u want to smash glass at your wrist area. Not fun at all but sweet graphics.

  • ed

    Devs do not listen to players at all. Move on.

  • ZonalCube

    How do you play?