MMO Valentine’s Event Guide 2014

FEATURE It’s that time of year again, where love is celebrated in every way from romantic gifts to cheesy pick-up lines: Valentine’s! This Valentine’s, MMOs are looking to celebrate with you no matter y...

MMO Holiday Event Guide 2013

FEATURE The holiday season is starting earlier and earlier every year and the announcements for the events are already pouring in. We’ll be updating this list every Thursday leading up to Christmas so keep ...

E3 2013 Thursday MMO Recap

FEATURE By Darren Henderson (DizzyPW), OnRPG/MMOHuts General Manager By the final day of E3, all schedules have broken down and the show has turned into a free-for-all. Press and businessmen alike are rushing...

The West: This is Not Oregon Trail


"You have died of dysentery", Oregon Trails infamous last words that served as the final blow and the ultimate end to your intense adventure through the American Wild West. Since then we've been hooked on this historical era and in search for a unique combination of strong narrative, immense action, and pure ruthlessness that is the Old West.