Early Access: Tiara Concerto


It feels like each of the games shown at the Gamania Gameshow last week held a strength that made it unique from the others. In the case of Tiara Concerto the defining factor is its animation quality.

Gamania Announces Tiara Concerto, The Musical MMO


Gamania Digital Entertainment today is proud to announce a new musical adventure in the skies, its upcoming MMO game, Tiara Concerto. Information on the game's storyline and world has been revealed.

  • Did this get shut down?

    • Yes, it got shut down. The game never left its beta test phase in Japan, sadly.

      • Aw, that’s unfortunate. Thanks for replying.

      • Courtney Burgess

        wait what D: NOOOOOO i wanted to play it so badly x.x can it comme back Tiara Concerto or is it really long gone

        • Yeah, sadly, it’s too late. The development team for this game has also disbanded, as well.