TLBB: Re-Roll Your Way To Glory


The 'Purification Pills', includes a number of fantastic benefits for players logging onto the European Dragon server including the re-rolling of stat points that proves crucial in the development of characters. Should a player find himself/herself needing more critical hit than strength (for example), then the purification pills will allow them to re-allocate these points quickly and effectively without hassle and allowing for a smoother path to enlightenment.

TLBB Expansion Goes Live (+$75 Give-Away!)

ARTICLE has announced that the TLBB expansion pack and commercial release on successfully launched on 1st September, 2010. For some awesome codes granting the fastest players 75 bucks worth of exclusive Mounts, Fashion and Hairstyles for TLBB! First come first serve!

TLBB Preview: Looks Good Plays Even Better


In the span of a year of writing reviews I've come across a lot of martial arts themed MMOs. However, each time I've tried a game there seems to be something lacking. I thought at first I'd have the same experience in's martial arts themed MMO, Tian Long Ba Bu(TLBB), but I was wrong.

TLBB Europe Interview: Going Full Steam Ahead


Tian Long Ba Bu has just gone Open Beta and things seem to be going full steam ahead for the game. Wehad an opportunity to talk to the people at Changyou and here's what they have to say about the game's current status.

PvP Survival In TLBB


Not long ago, ChangYou Europe notified players of the ever popular 'Master & Student' capability in top European online game Tian Long Ba Bu (or TLBB for short). The successful game publishers have now revealed a number of key features of the guild system and Player v. Player action that allows gamers to battle each other with ancient Chinese weaponry in this beautifully rendered mmo.