Graphics: Really bad compared to other games so I give it a 4/10

Gameplay: Really good gameplay to me. Because it starts you off in cloud world and when you're ready you can choose when to leave and go into the real world where other people can raid your bases etc. 9/10

Players: The players are all around good (aside from some annoyances) but some tend to smite you for no reason at all. 9/10

Sound: No background music, but you can hear chopping sounds and other sounds. 5/10

Overall: 8/10

This is somehow a very addicting game even though it lacks music and graphics (although even if they were added they would probably make the game worse). It also updates frequently so there are often new features. So you should try it out it's awesome.


REVIEW First, let me say, The graphics aren't the best, but so far I like it, kinda boring since you cant move until level 10, then you can start building forts and stuff which is cool.

Graphics: Not the best, but its ok 4/10

Gameplay: No lag, kinda boring to play so in the beggining, most of what you do is chop wood and plant trees for lumber which then you sell.

Players: The forums seem normal, cant really say much about this.

Sound: No music, but you can hear chopping sounds or planting a tree and other sounds. 6/10

Overall: 7/10