Tokyo Ghoul: Dark War Trailer

Tokyo Ghoul: Dark War, based on the Tokyo Ghoul franchise, features a single player story mode, MOBA style training mode, Arena PvP battles and more!
  • Andrei Serafim

    nao pega

  • juan


  • Larry Campo

    yo i got this on my tablet its still downloading the resourse files and i started this yesterday

  • Larry Campo

    oops forgot to tell you what it is that i got

  • daus bdf

    Fun Game Tokyo Ghoul

  • Timothy

    I went to PAX this year and got two codes for $20 worth of in-game credits. I don’t play this game and would be willing to give the codes away. If you are interested please let me know and I will give them to you.

  • elijah

    Ferst haw to dawnlowd it