Total War: ARENA

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Based on the popular Total War series, Total War: Arena provides a whole new experience for players. Combining elements of both the RTS and MOBA genres, players pit their forces against each other in massive battles. Choose your favorite commander, build your forces, and use wit and strategy to conquer your opponents.

Always Online: Unparalleled multiplayer action! Find a game at all times, and compete in epic battles!

Variety of Generals: Utilize your leaders well, and push your forces forward. Build an army capable of conquering all that stand in your way.

Unique Blend of Genre: Total War: ARENA blends both RTS and MOBA elements, making a fast-paced game, while still featuring the massive armies you've come to expect.

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Game Videos

  • Total War: Arena Fury of Arminius Trailer

    Total War: Arena enters closed beta today featuring heavy overhauls to gameplay! Check out the Fury of Arminius patch notes here....

  • Total War: ARENA – Arminius & Barbarian Spotlight

    Total War: Arena showcases the new Barbarian roster and the unique commander orders of Arminius, both available tomorrow with the launch of closed beta....

  • Total War: Arena Rubicon Map Trailer

    Total War: Arena showcases the Rubicon River map, a key location in Caesar's conquest. This map will be playable when closed beta arrives on September 24th...

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