Total War: Warhammer

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    Creative Assembly

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Total War: Warhammer takes the Total War series into new territory, embracing the deadly fantasy world of Warhammer. Featuring real-time strategy, Total War: Warhammer will feature two additional standalone installments and additional content packs.


Real time strategy: Engage in massive real-time battles and a sandbox campaign full of all the political intrigue and empire management you've come to expect from Total War.

More Content to Come: Additional content packs and stand-alone titles will be released to flesh out the experience.

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Game Videos

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    Total War: Warhammer releases its Norsca race pack, available as a direct DLC purchase from Steam or free to players who pre-order Total War: Warhammer II

  • Total War: WARHAMMER – What’s New in the Old World

    So much has changed in the world of Total War: Warhammer, from new Legendary lords, factions, monsters, magic and more! This video shows off some of this f

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