Transformers Universe

The Transformers MMO was announced in July of 2010 by Netdragon and is said to be a large scale 3D Combat MMO set in the Transformers Universe.

We can't wait to see Autobots such as Bumblebee, Jazz, Ironhide, Sideswipe and of course Optimus Prime square off against the Decepticons suck as Megatron, Soundwave and Starscream!

A recent announcement made clear that the company had changed direction and will be converting the game into a MOBA rather than a standard scifi MMORPG.

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Game Videos

  • Transformers Universe Catapult Reveal

    Catapult moves in the shadows with the strut of a notorious gunslinger and reads cross-winds like a circling hawk. Place Catapult at long ranges with her P...

  • Transformers Universe Shellshock Reveal

    Transformers Universe prepares to spray the town lead with a new offensive juggernaut, Shellshock....

  • Transformers Universe Conduit Decepticon Trailer

    Jagex showcases a ranged blaster joining the Decepticon side in Transformers Universe....

Game Articles

  • Transformers Universe First Look

    Tyler Wood (Zelus_Craft), Decepticon Rights Activist Jagex invited us to a reveal event in San Francisco, CA for their upcoming game, Transformers U...

  • Transformers Universe Begins Beta Applications And Reveals New Bots

    The time is drawing ever nearer. The time to test your metal. The time when Transformers Universe opens the doors to a select few for an exclusive, early...

  • Transformers Universe Team Announces Plans For Summer Release

    Jagex has emerged with a new "State of the Factions" community letter for Transformers Universe today, revealing that the game is actually ready for a...


  • blokmasta

    Prowl…? Wheres prowl?

  • Ho Shot A-Bot

    does anyone knows how to play this game

  • transformed

    does anyone know how i can play transformers universe because it says awaiting call up do i wait? please asnswer my questions

  • ol

    hää what that no grate my account ._.

  • shadow

    il piu fico tra tutti e optimus:

  • shadow

    my favorites are rachet and optimus seem to cause the most hard: and then there’s ultra magnus smoscreen the best

    • BOSS

      bumblebee, iron hide, ratchet, and optimus is the best because bumblebee is guardian;
      iron hide is heavy weapons specialists so he causes most damage; and optimus is a prime, ratchet not so cool but is useful.

  • jjjj

    how do you actually play the game?