Transformers Universe Shuts Down January 31

ARTICLE In mid-December, Hasbro & Jagex decided to make the bittersweet announcement that they were shutting down Transformers Universe, their Transformers-themed MOBA. The game will close fully on Januar...
  • blokmasta

    Prowl…? Wheres prowl?

  • Ho Shot A-Bot

    does anyone knows how to play this game

  • transformed

    does anyone know how i can play transformers universe because it says awaiting call up do i wait? please asnswer my questions

    • Gennt4

      Same problem here…still can’t find any START button.

    • ShadowHunter1071

      no its just shut down andwe have now completely shut it down.No hacker can enter the ngame till we realese Transformers Universe 2.0

  • ol

    hää what that no grate my account ._.

  • shadow

    il piu fico tra tutti e optimus:

  • shadow

    my favorites are rachet and optimus seem to cause the most hard: and then there’s ultra magnus smoscreen the best

    • BOSS

      bumblebee, iron hide, ratchet, and optimus is the best because bumblebee is guardian;
      iron hide is heavy weapons specialists so he causes most damage; and optimus is a prime, ratchet not so cool but is useful.

  • jjjj

    how do you actually play the game?

    • ShadowHunter1071

      We shut it down!!!!

  • YOYO

    I know how to play click on the button PLAY BETA then a screen will open click on INSTALL GAME ENJOYYYYYY

  • vollder


    • ShadowHunter1071

      We shut it down cause there were hacker using exploits!!!!

  • BearCan

    Game is shut down.

    • Gasz

      I shall go cry now

      • BearCan

        Yeah, it was fun while it lasted.

  • foxy rocket

    how do u get to play transformers?

  • Greenvortex

    is there going to be a new transformers univirese?

  • ricdaij

    uhh don’t know if anyone noticed but the game is shut down

  • kai

    it wont even let me play

  • kai

    how do i play

  • kai

    i want to play but i cant find the play button where is it

  • Ahmed Zion Commànder

    pliz i need play this game

  • ShadowHunter1071

    I am the CO-Owner of the game and there will be transformers Universe 2.0 coming soon at 2/14/16!!!!Hope your happy!(my account got hacked so i will put all of my infomation back soon!!!)

    • Kelly

      Why won’t the game let me log on tiday? Whole alliance says they can’t get on

  • ShadowHunter1071

    and if ur wondering why it’s not working because it is shut down if u didn’t know cause it gor hacked and people were using exploits!!!!!!

  • Sniper8995

    When u release transformers universe 2.0 make transformers to fight…more fighting less shooting pls…Everything is good now but put some fighting moves….it is little boring to play transformers without fighting I mean in movies they fight all the time….

  • Katie Christine

    is this game still up??