Trials of Ascension

Trials of Ascension is a buy-to-play sandbox MMORPG. Set in the world of TerVarus, Trials of Ascension offers a rich, class-less world which will be built and influenced by players.


Build Structures: Build structures ranging from small wooden houses to enormous stone keeps. Each structure is a huge undertaking that requires time and resources.

Player Settlements: Claim your own land and begin your own settlement, developing it however you'd like. Control tax rates, sell plots of land to citizens, and even expand it further into a massive kingdom.

Dynamic Spawning: You will not see the same creatures, plants and trees, or even dungeons spawning over and over again in a given location. Instead, they will spawn according to the local climate, nearby civilizations and other variables

Dangers of Combat and Death: Open PvP with no 'conning' system gives you direct accountability for your actions. Dying too many times may mean perma-death comes to haunt you.

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