Trickster Online: New Poppuri Event


Trickster players are encouraged to gather in a worldwide event to drill for hidden Poppuri boxes in order to earn Trickster prizes.

Trickster Launches Episode 4: A New Discovery


Players Will Be Introduced To A Secret Underground Room and An All-New Shocking Revelation As More Secrets of The Megalo Company Are Revealed

Trickster Online Review

REVIEW Caballa Island; The landscape for Don Cavalier’s little "game" in which players compete for a fabled treasure. This island serves as the turf for Trickster Online, an MMORPG released to the public since August 4, 2006.

Trickster Community Interview


At this point not all of the regions that make up the geography of Trickster Online Revolution have been released. There are still brand new areas coming up, including Mirage Island.