Troy Online Begins Halloween Events


During the Halloween event, players can take part in Halloween daily quests as well as an event centered around the Headless Horseman's Wrath. New registered users will be able to take advantage of the leveling event, while returning players will have their own special items to get.

Troy Online: The Real War Begins Oct 15th!


In this large-scale war system, users will be able to enjoy a new type of war, the invasion war, which allows users to invade the opponent's capital city. It is a much different from the existing wars such as the Level War and the Temple War.

Troy Online Announces Official Launch


ALT1Games has announced Troy Online's official service schedule. Troy Online is currently in the open beta testing phase now and will end at 10 p.m. (PST) on August 18th. ALT1Games will start the official services at 11 a.m. (PST) on August 19th.

  • Macedonas

    why i cant play this game ?

    • random

      because it`s closed….like long time ago

      • Macedonas

        can i play somewhere else this game?

  • Troy

    how to download?

  • chris

    is this new troy? i heard there is new troy online