Valkyrie Sky Screenshots


  • aobasan

    I hope Valkyrie Sky will return.

  • Zell

    where’s valkyrei sky ?

  • aobasan

    *cry* who can open server

    Valkyrie Sky? I want to play it. T^T

  • Zender

    Valkyrie sky was the victim of alot of mucking around, i loved the beta but i never got to play the official game because of it, i think it changed hands half way through and the new team started focusing on all the wrong things.

    Honestly this game was that good during the beta, it could have essentially just released as is, and just steadily released content. but no, not only that, during this transition period between beta and full, the gap was over 7 months and alot of people i imagine like me got tired of waiting, put it in the back of their mind, and missed the release of the game. it was a simple, fun, and even hard game. something free to plays and mmo’s lack these days.