Villagers and Heroes Halloween Events Now Live

NEWS Halloween has descended upon the Seven Realms in the form of a frightfully wondrous new event zone! Gather your swords and maces, staffs and bows, put on the most sturdy of your magical armor, and exp...

Villagers and Heroes Review – It’s Expansion Time!

REVIEW By Jason Parker (Ragachak)   Hitting the Big Time Villagers and Heroes is an MMO that many people have unfortunately never heard of.  It doesn’t have the huge budget that Blizzard is afforded,...

A Mystical Land Preview: Let’s Get Social!


A Mystical Land is an upcoming browser-based RPG from Neonga AG. Entirely 3D, the game promises to offer a complete RPG experience mixed with social elements. In addition to the standard levelling and questing that graces most role-playing titles, integration with Facebook and other social networks means it's easier to find friends, share messages and update statuses. Interesting in theory, but how does it work in practice?

“A Mystical Land” Has Been Discovered


Neonga and Mad Otter today presented "A Mystical Land", a Massively Multiplayer Online Game developed by Mad Otter Games for download, browser, Facebook and mobile devices.


  • Arellano Ablaze

    Update the Title of the game.. It is no longr A Mystical Land, now It is called Villagers&Heroes

  • rhuan

    Borra So Do Brasil Mas Cando Eu Clico em Play Now Aparece Vilagers & Heroes

  • john

    dude how come we all cant play this rip off stupid site

  • efrecaca

    this game is shit