Villagers & Heroes Releases Equinox Update

ARTICLE Mad Otter Games is proud to announce the worldwide release of EQUINOX, a fresh update offering new content, cool features and great improvements to their online free-to-play fantasy MMO, Villages &...

Villagers and Heroes: Reborn Update Announced

ARTICLE Mad Otter Games is very excited to announce Villagers and Heroes: REBORN, the latest in a long line of changes that brings a whole new life to the game. Not only can veteran players find exciting new ...

MMO Holiday Event Guide 2014

FEATURE It’s time for candles, snow, sleigh bells, mistletoe, reindeer, and all the other holiday trappings that make Winter so festive in the West. See what the holiday spirits have summoned up in your...
  • Arellano Ablaze

    Update the Title of the game.. It is no longr A Mystical Land, now It is called Villagers&Heroes

  • rhuan

    Borra So Do Brasil Mas Cando Eu Clico em Play Now Aparece Vilagers & Heroes

  • john

    dude how come we all cant play this rip off stupid site

  • efrecaca

    this game is shit