Nexon Europe Forecasts Severe Weather for War Rock

ARTICLE Nexon Europe is excited to announce that the immensely popular multiplayer shooter, War Rock, is set to receive a wintery overhaul this month in the shape of a snow covered map and special seasonal ev...

War Rock Declares MayDay With The Battle Of Hyperion Vs. Nemico


War Rock, the premier FPS title of GamersFirst, has announced the reunion of nemesis' Hyperion and Nemico in a two-day battle of Valor. Hyperion Vs. Nemico will be a two-day event, starting on Thursday, May 20th, streamed live on X-Fire. There will be special promo code giveaways during the event.

War Rock Interview: Everyone in Attention Sir!


War Rock is one of the many MMOFPS games out in the market right now and with stiff competition means that you have to pull out all the stops to stay on top. War Rock has been stayed in the forefront of the genre. We got the opportunity to knock at Gamers Firsts door and ask how are they doing it and also of the game's future plans for players in 2010.

War Rock Review: Ready to War Rock?!


Remember Counterstrike and Battlefield? I remember the epic feeling of having to throw the grenade that wiped out my enemies. Good news guys, you no longer have to dwell in nostalgia cause War Rock wont let that EPIC feeling die!