Celebrate War RockÂ’s 2nd Anniversary

NEWS Description: GamersFirst, a service of K2 Network and one of today's most popular free-to-play online game destinations, Announces War Rock’s 2nd Anniversary by celebrating with the War Rock Olympics and Giveaways.

War Rock Mystery Begins to Unfold

NEWS Artifact takes place in the secret Derbaran research facility in Cloud Forest that has been a target for the NIU for many years

War Rock Update Available Now

NEWS War Rocks new map named Disturm is Home to the Hamina Naval yard, Disturm has been ravaged by constant battles in the Derbaran civil war.

War Rock: Halloween

NEWS Players will be able to purchase several items in the GamersFirst marketplace for 50% off.

War Rock: new game map and halloween update

NEWS Among the deserted industrial district of the Derbaran city of Arkinlow, NIU troops operate a secret repair facility under the cover of an abandoned warehouse. This facility is crucial to the NIU war effort in the area. Also, the War Rock team is working hard to create some extra tricks and treats. You will see these additions to the game closer to Halloween.